Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Intuitive Self...a cosmic links

The intuitive self existing in the higher levels of your consciousness is potential with the vital force which you need for personal achievements. We think today in terms of remote galaxies, island universes millions of light-years away. Such thinking suggests our detachment from cosmic...as though we were but isolated speck in a universal sea of energy. Actually, cosmic forces continually flow through you. The capaciousness of each cell in your body is a vital link with the cosmic order that governs the phenomena of the universe. That subtle urge you occasionally experience to do or act  in a certain way...that scintillating idea that suddenly flashes into consciousness from seemingly out of nowhere...they are the functions of your INTUITIVE SELF. This threshold of infinite consciousness is not in the great reaches of space but rather in the the intimate processes of your own mind. Click here for more details

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